Rules for creating topics in Technical Support.


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Jan 12, 2022
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This section of the forum publishes topics of a technical nature, designed according to the following template:
Examples of correct design of defects:
  1. Always include your character's name and server.
  2. All names of items, skills and NPCs must be taken from reliable sources.
  3. If the problem is related to the game mechanism, you need a description of its work on the official server, screenshots, links, videos, etc., confirming your rightness.
  4. If the error is tied to a specific place/location, it is necessary to specify the coordinates .
  5. It is also necessary to specify the differences in the work of the mechanism (skill, stats, quest, mob etc) on our server (preferably also with screenshots, etc.).
  1. The name of the topic should clearly, briefly and concisely reflect its content.
  2. The problem should be described in clear language, without errors, without slang, without abbreviations, in as much detail as possible, indicating the mechanism of reproduction of the problem, if it is not obvious, as well as evidence of the incorrectness of the current mechanism. All valuable information should be contained in the first message of the thread.
  3. All names should be written in English, without errors. All terms should be shown as they look in the game.
  4. If the problem is time-related, you should specify the exact date and time, the more accurate the better.
  5. The message should not contain emotional coloring, it should contain facts and nothing unnecessary. Requests for "bans bagojuzers" are not accepted.
  6. Each topic should contain a description of no more than one error, or a number of errors of a similar type.
  7. Flaming, flooding and aping in this section is forbidden. Violations may result in a warning.
  8. Attempts to mislead the administration will be punished according to server rules.
  9. Screenshots must be placed in jpg format, in original resolution.
This rule is mandatory. Any theme not designed according to the template will be deleted.